Indeed Hockey Visors

#IndeedHockey brings to your attention a new element of the highest quality in the hockey equipment line.

Visors are made of a premium polycarbonate with technologies used in production of protective masks and helmets for military use and extreme conditions.

Due to the high-tech production process, the basic requirements for the protection of the hockey player's face and comfortable usage are fulfilled:

  • - the highest strength;
  • - protective coating against scratches on the outside;
  • - integrated optical solution to prevent fogging;
  • - premium optical transparency;
  • - no visual refraction.
Screen S

Visor Screen S (standard). Classic design and the most popular dimension.

31.90$ 39.90$

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Screen N

Visor Screen N (narrow). The tapered geometry of the circuit, for those who prefer visibility.

31.90$ 39.90$

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